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Deepwater Drilling May Open New Oil Frontiers

   [that may hold oil]," Jacobs said. "I think you've seen great advancements in that area in... having that 3-D look is very helpful." No Easy Feat New drilling ships and semi-...

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Time: 19-06-19

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11 U.S. Oil Drilling Companies to Invest in - Seeking Alpha

   (to find new oil or gas deposits) and development (to prepare the discovery for production)... s United States land drilling is conducted primarily in Oklahoma, California, Texas, ...

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Source: 11 u.s. oil drilling companies to invest in - seeking alpha

Time: 19-06-19

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Boom times are back in Okla. oil production - CBS News

   CBS News correspondent Anna Werner talked to an oil man who predicts it's coming and in just a few years. The boom times are back in Seminole, Oklahoma. Oil producers are drilling 20 new wells a ...


Source: boom times are back in okla. oil production - cbs news

Time: 19-06-19


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