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   Nov 6, 2002 - ISCET (International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians, ... References without contact information or URLs are all but useless; the web sites of RA .... Looking at the abreveation after your name in the initial thread, I take it that you're a certified electronics Tech. If not -- and you don't ...



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ISCET Certification Exams -- CET, MST, ESA, FCC, CSR

   ISCET Certification Exams THE ASSOCIATE-LEVEL CET EXAM A technician or student... may take the associate level exam. The exam is the basic electronics portion of the full ...

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   It's been a little while since my electronics schooling has finished, and needed to brush up on my knowledge, as well as start studying toward ISCET certification. ..... This book is useless. I purchased it to prepare for the CET certification exam and found it of no value whatsoever. I found errors and ambiguities. The book does ...

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What is ACSM Certification? (with pictures)

   the ACSM Certified Personal Trainer SM certification before he or she can apply to take a specialty exam. The ACSM/ACS Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer (CET) certification is for ...

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iscet certification administrator application - International Society of...

   Thank you for applying for Certification Administrator status. Unfortunately, we do not have a Certification Administrator (CA) in every possible area, even though there are over 400 nationally. If you are approved as a CA, you will be helping more students and professionals become certified. As you may already know, ISCET ...

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iscet's quest for improvement - International Society of Certified ...

   certifications. To this point we have: 1. Associate CET 1203 & 1205 have been reviewed. 2. Journeyman Computer Electronics and Indus- trial Electronics are currently under review. 3. ... Western Wisconsin Technical College, La Crosse WI, ISCET Secretary and New Certifications Chair. O ..... out that, your time is worthless.

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Source: iscet's quest for improvement - international society of certified

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Do English Majors Need to Attend CET-6?

   t focus all the energy on passing the useless certifications. It is vital to have the practical competence in the society. In any event, every perspective gives its own idea on the CET-6. ...

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