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Internship Activity Log –Educational Leadership ...

   Visit a successful school and observe examples of effective leadership, communication, instruction, and other factors that researchers have found to be present in successful school environments. In a memo to the principal, advocate for a change within your school to promote student success.

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Effective Schools Project - Tarleton State University

   The Effective Schools Project (ESP) at Tarleton State University is dedicated to the goals of improving school effectiveness, raising the achievement level of public school students and improving the professional development of pre-service and in-service educators.

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Effective School Survey: School Site Version - AllCounted

   I am currently taking the course ELAD 6103 Ethical Leadership at Arkansas State University. One assignment in this class is to administer this “Effective School Survey” to willing faculty members at our school. I ask that you assist me in completing this assignment. Of course, your participation is totally voluntary. In addition ...

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   Field and internship experiences commence in ELAD 6103 Ethical Leadership, a prerequisite for all other courses. Candidates must acquire substantive field/internship experiences in each of the following settings for licensure as a curriculum/program administrator: elementary, middle school, high school, and a community agency.

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Source: program report for the preparation of

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Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board

   Jul 30, 2010 - Agency Updates (Dr. Jim Purcell). 3. Report on Higher Education Bond Projects and Unexpended Fund Balances ..... Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The proposed program is within the ...... Planning and Resource Allocation. ELAD 6103 Ethical Leadership ...

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College and University Course Search Results - CollegeTransfer.Net

   This course blends theory and practice of teacher evaluation to arrive at effective decision making. The implementation ... A study of the legal aspects of education for the purpose of familiarizing school personnel with the legal features of school organization and administration. ... ELAD 6103: Ethical Leadership · Arkansas ...

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Online Ed.S. Specialist in Special Education | Arkansas ...

   Arkansas State University offers an affordable online Educational Specialist degree in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Special Education. If you are already a special education teacher and possess a Master's degree, this post-graduate program will prepare you for a leadership role as a Special Education Director at the campus or ...

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Source: online ed.s. specialist in special education | arkansas

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SAGE Books - Effective Leaders and Effective Schools

   When we first began our project on school leadership, we adopted the title 'Effective School Leadership in a Time of Change'. In choosing such terminology, we wanted to reflect the shifting grounds of school leadership and the rapid economic and social changes, in what is increasingly a globalised context.

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Vision PowerPoint by: Daniel Colvin ELAD 6103-Ethical Leadership ...

   by: Daniel Colvin ELAD 6103-Ethical Leadership SP2 11-EL1035. High Expectations. All students and school staff have a right to learn and work in schools where teachers know their subject matter and how to teach it. All students and school staff have a right to learn and work in school districts, schools and classrooms that ...

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