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Generating Your h index on Scopus

   your publication and citation profile in each is likely to be different. Calculating your personal h Index on Scopus Use the Author Search to locate your publications indexed by Scopus ...

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Journal h-index (Google Scholar, Scopus, Web of Science) - Citation ...

   Jan 10, 2018 - What is journal h-index? Journal h-index is one measure of the quality of a journal and can be calculated using data from Web of Science, Scopus or Google Scholar. As with the impact factor, journal h-index does not take into account differing citation practices of fields (unlike the weighted SJR and SNIP) ...

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Source: journal h-index (google scholar, scopus, web of science) - citation

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Calculating the h‐index and other bibliometric and scientometric ...

   Calculating the h‐index and other bibliometric and scientometric indicators from Google ... upload into PoP the result lists produced in CSV format from Web of Science and Scopus ...

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Source: calculating the h‐index and other bibliometric and scientometric

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Browse PDF : scopus citation index

   not covered by ISI citation databases, Scopus, or Google Scholar. 10 as citation conventions differ substantially between disciplines. A h index can be determined ... Calculating your ...

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h-index | Elsevier Scopus Blog

   Nov 26, 2015 - In Scopus you can calculate it on any set of results; it does not have to be papers belonging to just one author. Just run a random search: TITLE-ABS-KEY(mars water ice), select all results, click View Citation Overview and therein you will see the h-index value for that set (see image).

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h-index - Wikipedia

   Subscription-based databases such as Scopus and the Web of Knowledge provide automated calculators. Harzing's Publish or Perish program calculates the h-index based on Google Scholar entries. From July 2011 Google have provided an automatically-calculated h-index and i10-index within their own Google Scholar ...

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