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account sold to debt collector - AT&T Community

   Dec 15, 2016 - Has it been at least 5 days since you contacted us about the debt collector and are you still receiving calls from them? If yes, the next step is to contact the debt collector and request a confirmation of balance. Another thing you can do is check when you received your last bill for the old account as well as ...

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How to handle AT&T sending an account to a collection agency

   Billing mistakes made by AT&T can be resolved by filing complaints with state agencies and the Federal Communication Commission. Even billing matters that have been erroneously sent to debt collectors by AT&T can be resolved by the FCC.



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Helpful ATT Collections Info - myFICO® Forums - 4279847

   If the debt collector still had active collection authority at the time you pay the OC, then the ... my Diversified for my ATT cell phone bill. I'm starting to send out GW letters. Any ...

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@UWBattleLeague Presents: @BillCollectorMH vs. @TheRealTech9 ...

   UW Battle League presents it's second event: Anarchy!!! Check out Bill Collector vs. Tech 9 go head to head in a match-up the fans have been waiting t

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Debt Collection from ATT on my credit report - AT&T Community

   Mar 7, 2016 - I still paid the money because the debt collector SWC told me that if the case is closed, I can inform you and remove it from my credit report. Could you help me about this? My original ATT phone number is xxxxxxxxxx, and the debt company tells me that my ATT account is xxxxxxxxxxxx. Should you need ...

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Pay off a collection debt - AT&T Community

   Re: Pay off a collection debt You've ignored numerous bills and didn't pay them, now you complain that it's in collections and don't know what to do. Then you blame ATT for giving you the wrong number.

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ERC ATT COLLECTION - myFICO® Forums - 4782590

   I had a bill from AT&T and a collection from ERC. What I did was pay AT&T in full. Once it was paid, the next time my credit report updated the AT&T charge off was removed from my credit report. After that, I disputed through the credit bureaus that the ERC collection should not be on my report, as I had paid ...

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780-819-3210 att local bill collector 7808193210

   att local bill collector / Please be aware that is not responsible for the content of any comments posted by visitors or guests. is a free reverse telephone database of...

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I paid my debt to AT&T instead of the collection agency Riverside ...

   Mar 14, 2013 - It does not sound like AT&T did not own the debt any more, they did not say they assigned/sold the debt, merely that they sent it to a collection agency. They still owned the debt. What it sounds like is that AT&T failed to communicate with their own collection agency and inform them of the payments you were ...

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Source: i paid my debt to at&t instead of the collection agency riverside

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